All-Day Sits (Zazenkai)


"Every Day Is A Good Day"

"We can't do it by ourselves, and no one else can do it for us."
--from the Boundless Way Zen liturgy book

A powerful way to more deeply explore your practice is to attend a zazenkai, an all-day sit. At GBZC "all-day" means 9am-4:30pm. You are always welcome to attend for any portion of an all-day sit, as suits your schedule. The retreat includes liturgy, dokusan/interviews, zazen, walking meditation, and a Dharma talk with discussion.

All-day sits at GBZC are usually led by BoWZ Guiding Josh Bartok and another BoWZ teacher. Everyone will have the opportunity to have interviews with both teachers, and people may even have the opportunity to see each teacher twice. This year, All-Day Sits will also feature BoWZ Guiding Teachers Melissa Blacker and David Rynick.

Please bring a bag lunch to eat oryoki-style.

For 2014 our scheduled all-day sits are on Saturdays, monthly.

9/20: led by Josh Bartok, Steve Wallace
10/25: led by Josh Bartok, Kate Hartland
11/15: led by Josh Bartok, Steve Wallace

All-day sits scheduled for 2015.

1/3 & 1/4 Commuter retreat led by Josh Bartok and David Rynick
2/21: led by Josh Bartok, Mike Fieleke
3/28: led by Kate Hartland, Steve Wallace
4/25: led by Josh Bartok, Bob Waldinger
5/23 & 5/24 Commuter retreat led by Josh Bartok, James Ford, Kate Hartland
6/20: led by Josh Bartok, Laura Wallace
8/15: led by Josh Bartok, Bob Waldinger
9/5 & 9/6 Commuter retreat led by Josh Bartok and Melissa Blacker

Time: 9am-4:30. Come for any or all.
Please note: This schedule is subject to change up to 30 days prior!


Suggested donation - GBZC members: $25 / non-members: $40

Preregistration encouraged