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Buddhist Responses to Climate Change

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Thursday, February 18, 6 - 8:30 pm, Ven. Bhikkhu Bodhi and BoWZ Dharma Teacher and GBZC sangha-mate, Dr. Julie Nelson, will make presentations at the Harvard Divinity School's RPP Colloquium: Buddhist Responses to Climate Change. 
Dr. Julie Nelson will present "Beyond 'Small is Beautiful': Buddhism and the Economics of Climate Change." and Ven. Bhikkhu Bodhi, chair of Buddhist Global Relief and president of the Buddhist Association of the United States (BAUS), will present "The Four Noble Truths of the Climate Crisis." Space is limited and RSVP is required.  Get the details and RSVP.

Liturgy Study Group 2014-15

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The Liturgical texts of Zen are powerful and provocative teaching tools. They can be pointers to practice, words of encouragement, and transformative acts-in-themselves. This group will use Shohaku Okumura's book LIVING BY VOW: A PRACTICAL INTRODUCTION TO EIGHT ESSENTIAL ZEN CHANTS AND TEXTS, as our main text to explore chants in Boundless Way Liturgy.

GBZC offers a Liturgy study and discussion group on
THIRD THURSDAY EVENINGS at 7:15 PM. Drop-ins are welcome!

For 2014-15, this group will be taught by Josh Bartok and Senior GBZC dharma teachers. John Vetrano will be the practice leader for the group.
We will be using Shohaku Okumura's Living by Vow as our primary text.

We'll meeting each month, September through May, except January.
Dates: 9/18, 10/16, 11/20, 12/18, (no meeting in January), 2/19, 3/19, 4/16, 5/21
Time: 7:15 – 8:45 pm

Suggested donation - GBZC members: $10 / non-members: $15

Reading will be:

Sep 18 -- Four Bodhisattva Vows (chap 1)
Oct 16 -- Verse of Repentence / Gatha of Atonement (Chap 2)
Nov 20 -- Three Refuges (Chap 3)
Dec 18 -- The Robe Chant / Verse of the Kesa (Chap 4)
Skip Jan
Feb 19 --- Heart Sutra (Chap 6)
Mar 19 --- Meal Chants (Chap 5)
April 16 --- Harmony of Difference and Unity (Chap 7.)
May 21 --- Gatha for Opening the Sutra (chap 8).

GBZC Annual Meeting

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Saturday, June 3, at 1 p.m.
This year's annual meeting will take place at the Center on Saturday, June 3rd, at 1:00 p.m. If you consider GBZC your spiritual home, please consider coming. GBZC Members are strongly encouraged to attend as we will be voting on new Board Members and next year's budget. If you're not a member of GBZC, but interested in becoming one, please talk to a practice leader or see our membership page for more information.


Obon Ceremony

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Please Join Us for Obon Ceremony & Lantern Making

Obon, as celebrated at Greater Boston Zen Center, is a very special Buddhist ceremony to honor one's ancestors as well as all the people who have been important in our lives.

Obon is a special time to come together in support of one another as we sit upright amid the many different types of losses that occur in our lives, such as deaths, injury and illness, divorce, and job loss. During Obon we remember our ancestors, give thanks to all who have supported us in our lives, and entrust ourselves to Sangha for support and healing.

To celebrate Obon, we will be offering a special liturgical service and two ways to make ceremonial lanterns.

Obon Photos Combined

Obon Ceremony
At GBZC on Saturday, August 30th, at 11:15 AM at the end of the regular Saturday morning sit. Family and friends are welcome! If you have made a ceremonial lantern, please bring it to place on the altar.

Making Ceremonial Lanterns - 2 options
As a community: We will gather at GBZC on Thursday, August 28 from 6:00 to 8:30 PM.
Materials and instructions will be provided.

Solo: Materials and instructions will be available at GBZC (beginning on Tuesday evening, August 5th) to take home and do on your own or with family and friends.

Releasing Lanterns
Traditionally in ancient Japan, Obon ceremonial lanterns were illuminated and then set afloat on a river. Today, due to safety and environmental concerns, we encourage you to release your lantern in spirit and enjoy it at home or set it afloat in a way that cares for our environment.

Mark your calendar and don't miss this very special opportunity to be with one another in loss and remembrance of all those that have touched our lives.

GBZC Teen Retreat June 14-16

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We invite students in high school and college, as well as recent graduates thereof, to join us for a somewhat-intensive three session "retreat." Sessions are to be held back-to-back - June 14th through 16th from 1:00 to 4:00 p.m. - so that our practice together deepens quickly.

It would be best if participants could come all three days, but anyone can sign up for any day(s) that she or he can make it by emailing me at [email protected]

Our retreat will include chants, precept study, forms, and meditation practices, as well as discussions about Zen, meditation more generally, and how to weave practice into daily life.

Please come!