2020 Annual Appeal


The Wheel of the Dharma Turns and Turns:

Honoring our Companions Along the Ancient Way

Dearest Sangha,

During every liturgy service, we dedicate the merits of our practice to loved ones ancient and near.  We draw the ancient near, and honor what’s ancient in the near.  These dedications are freely given and circulate endlessly, and they are perceived and subtly answered throughout space and time.

For this year’s Annual Appeal, we are offering another way to honor our companions along the ancient way--through a physical memorial. The Wheel of the Dharma turns and turns, and reality is revealed in both emptiness and form.

Sangha member and artist Robyn Reed has designed a Dharma Wheel Memorial for us, which she envisions as a wooden prayer wheel that will turn and turn.  Names of those honored will be engraved on brass plates and mounted on the wheel.  The wheel will be permanently on display in the alcove between the two dokusan rooms at GBZC in Cambridge.  

The funds raised through this initiative will help to cover our continued expenses as we wait out the pandemic. We welcome your donations in any amount.  Please know that if you are not in a position to donate at this time, your presence and gifts of service are invaluable and gratefully received.

If you can support this appeal, here are tiered options for your gift:

  • For a donation of $40 or more, we will be happy to send you a physical copy of the Sutra book.
  • For a gift between $100 - $500, we invite you to honor a companion.  The name of your honoree will be engraved on a wall-mounted plaque that will accompany the Memorial Dharma Wheel.  Your honoree’s name will be on display for one year.  
  • For your gift of $500 or more, your honoree will hold a permanent place on the Dharma Wheel Memorial.
  • We will also create a page for the website with the names of all the companions honored through this initiative.  

We encourage a broad and creative notion of what constitutes a companion on this path.  It may be a spiritual friend or guide in the sangha; it may be a teacher that has helped illumine practice in relation to racial and social injustices such as Rev angel Kyodo Williams; it may be a tree, a particular flower, a bell or other insentient being; it may be an ancient guide such as Dogen, Hongzhi, the nun Rohini; it may be the ocean; it may be the wisdom and intuition inside your own form. Whatever or whomever has constituted a companion for you this year, we welcome a visible honoring for the community.

Of course, you may also make a donation without naming an honoree.  Either way, the steps are:

  • You may make your donation in any amount by any of the methods identified here.  Please designate your gift as “Annual Appeal.”
  • If you would like to receive a sutra book for your gift of $40 or more, please send your request with your name and address to [email protected].    
  • For your memorial gift of $100 or more, please send the information you would like engraved on the plaque to [email protected].  

Our aspiration for this initiative is to elicit necessary funds to meet the ongoing expenses of our sangha, while also drawing our relationships and companions consciously and intentionally into our practice. Every heart that sits holds many in that one heart, and this is an opportunity for us to make the invisible, visible. 

With Much Gratitude, and Deep Bows,

The Development Working Group 

(Fran Ludwig, Robyn Reed, Rebecca Doverspike, Daniel Tatar)

Please reach out to [email protected] with any questions or comments.