Annual Appeal 2022

Hello GBZC Sangha,

As we crest into the colder months of the year, it's natural to reflect on changes in our lives through the change of seasons. I'm grateful for the new experiences, people, and places as well as deeply saddened by losses, separations, and challenges. 

One thing I am especially grateful for is my Dharma siblings in this practice, and especially for GBZC both as a collection of individuals whom I adore, as well as a group that has worked extraordinarily hard over the past couple of years to implement very hard changes. Together, we've created a Sangha that is welcoming and embracing to people from many different walks of life, and as a result of our inclusiveness, we've seen our numbers and diversity grow. I'm proud to be in the company of others who think so much about how to improve, how to stay open-hearted and accepting while still facing difficult truths.

At this time, when we begin our Annual Fall Appeal, we again suggest that you honor a spiritual friend with your donation. This can be anyone who has touched you or sustained you. It could be someone from within our sangha or without, currently living or no longer with us.


You'll notice that we're migrating our membership and donation platform over to the non-profit friendly "Give Lively" software. When you choose the "Add New Bank Account" option, the charges to GBZC for payment processing are reduced substantially compared to the other options. (You may also choose another option, or mail a check.) We want to assure you that this method of donating is secure and will be our preference going forward. As always, your donation is tax-deductible. 

Thank you so much for your fellowship and solidarity in this 2022 year! I'll be in touch again before you know it regarding GBZC membership in 2023. 

Many bows,
Caro Murphy
Development Chair, Board VP, GBZC