Society of Great Doubt

The Society of Great Doubt is a sit for survivors of teacher abuses of power. As many know, GBZC is a sangha recovering from teacher abuses of power. By their nature, teacher abuses of power affect all sangha members—past, current, and future. That said, there are very particular spiritual needs for those of us who were directly targeted or who were embroiled in the real-time response. In order to provide a safe and generative space to understand our experience and continue to transform our pain into wisdom, Rebecca Behizadeh is hosting a biweekly hybrid program available both via Zoom and in person at Rebecca and Mike’s house in East Arlington.

We will sit zazen for the first 30 minutes and dedicate the remainder of the time to discussion on a topic or reading. To kick off the program, we’ll be reading chapter-by-chapter At Personal Risk: Boundary Violations in Professional-Client Relationship by Marilyn Peterson. If you were directly involved with teacher abuses of power at GBZC or elsewhere and would like to participate, please email Rebecca at [email protected].

Every other Tuesday, 7–8:30pm
Hybrid: Zoom and in person @ East Arlington, MA