Declare Your Interest in Board Service by May 29

Would you like to deepen your friendship with other sangha members while serving the sangha in a greater capacity?  Would you like to use your energy and talents to further the mission of GBZC to save all beings?  Please consider whether you might have an interest in serving on the GBZC Board of Directors.  

We at GBZC are committed to democratic process and open elections. Races with multiple candidates are a sign of health in the sangha. Please consider joining us in forming a community of robust member-led activity.

If you are interested in learning more about board service, please reach out to [email protected] to speak with a current board member.

The sangha will vote for the GBZC Board of Directors at the annual meeting on June 26, 2021.   Each Board member is elected for a 1-year term and can serve for a maximum of 3 terms consecutively. 

Note:  Another way to become more involved is to join a working group. More information will be coming out about opportunities to use your creative skills in these groups in the new fiscal year (starting July 1).