Student Stories of Zen

All are welcome to participate in this new weekly program, Sundays (except the fourth Sunday of the month), 7-7:45, staring May 9th, in which students of Zen share reflections on our history with Zen teachers: what motivated you to seek a teacher; what has your experience of studying and practicing Zen been like with a teachers; what do you see as the role of a Zen teacher; what moments of great doubt or great faith have you experienced with teachers; and where are you with that in your practice now? 

Each weekly session will last 45 mins and will begin with a very short (5 minute) liturgy service, a 5-minute sit, and a 10- to 15-minute talk by a designated student (who may speak from their own experience and/or share an excerpt from research). This will be followed by time for discussion and a brief closing. Teachers, in the role of lifelong students of Zen, are also welcome to join this student-led program.

This program is facilitated by Rebecca Doverspike & Rebecca Behizadeh. Zoom information here.