Greater Boston Zen Center – Cambridge

The Greater Boston Zen Center's headquarters is located at 552 Massachusetts Avenue, 2nd Floor, #208, Cambridge, Massachusetts. We are a welcoming community of Dharma practitioners. Like all other GBZC-aligned practice groups, our lineage roots are in the Japanese Soto tradition through Jiyu Kennett Roshi and the Soto reform Harada-Yasutani koan curriculum through John Tarrant Roshi.

Dharma Holder Julie Nelson and other teachers offer guidance in all forms of Zen meditation including breath practices, koan introspection, and the subtle art of shikantaza or just sitting.

The Cambridge center offers practice periods on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings, as well as all-day sits, non-residential retreats, and other programming (some in-person, some via  zoom, and some in both modes) as described on the Schedule Summary webpage.