Survey 2016

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Dear Sangha,

It’s the Greater Boston Zen Center’s goal to offer programming that serves the needs and wants of the GBZC community as best we can, and we’ve put together a brief survey to help us get a sense of how we might do this.

I want to encourage you all to, please, spend a few minutes (probably around 5-7 minutes) filling out this survey.

Part of what’s leading us to send out this survey is the fact that over the past year, we’ve seen a significant decrease in the registration numbers for our commuter retreats and all-day participants for our all-day sits. Attendance at the study groups, though not decreasing, is also not huge. And we’d like to get a better general sense of what causes and conditions give rise to this state of affairs.

with deep appreciation to each and every one of you,

Josh Jiun Bartok, Roshi