Working Groups

Working Groups at GBZC are the secret to GBZC’s flourishing. In concert with the Board of Directors and the Spiritual Direction Committee, members of working groups are the behind-the-scenes heroes who make sure that our newsletter goes out, our drinking water shows up, our checks get written, our fundraising happens, and our activism is stoked. They are GBZC’s way of “using all the ingredients of our shared life,” to paraphrase the 8th precept, in service of the Dharma and all beings. They are also how we share power and manifest our democratic values.

We currently have seven active working groups with leadership voted in annually by GBZC’s elected Board of Directors:

  • The Membership Working Group cares for the wellness of the sangha and manages the process of formally joining GBZC — contact Karen at [email protected];
  • The Development Working Group supports our fundraising efforts — contact Fran at [email protected];
  • The Facilities Working Group tends to the needs of our Cambridge Center’s physical space — contact Mike at [email protected];
  • The Communications Working Group manages the newsletter, other emails, and website — contact Sarah at [email protected];
  • The Finance Committee prepares and attends to our budget — contact Cheryl at [email protected];
  • The Programming Working Group administers and coordinates Cambridge-based events — contact Jill at [email protected];

If you are interested in joining a working group, reach out via one of the email addresses above! Our needs differ at different times of the year, so if there’s not an opportunity in one group there will surely be an opportunity in another. We look forward to working alongside you.