Boston Area Zen Meditation

GBZC zendo

Greater Boston Zen Center is a Soto Zen sangha-led sangha based in Cambridge, MA. We offer regular practice opportunities, instruction, discussion groups, and occasional retreats. 

We believe that we are all both fully Buddha Nature and flawed human beings. With realization of our Buddha Nature we are liberated. The delusion that we are separate, permanent beings lifts and we come home to our real lives, as they are. And because—no matter how long we have practiced or what titles we might hold—we are never thoroughly rid of our self-centered habits, we study the Zen ethical teachings. We humbly strive to practice them as individuals and as a community.

We reject the notion that sanghas need to be guided by a special “Zen Master” or Roshi. We have seen that such a structure too often leads to arrogance and abuses of power. Instead, we are led by an elected board. Our practice leaders and others who may offer instruction are all simply Zen learners who may be farther along the path. We welcome anyone who aspires to the Buddha Way, including those seeking to start Zen practice and those seeking to heal from harms encountered along the path.

The Cambridge Zendo is located on the ancestral and unceded lands of the Massachusetts Tribe. 

During weather emergencies, in-person practice  is cancelled when the Cambridge Libraries (check here) are closed. Should precautions become required again, these will be listed in the Cambridge Zendo Covid Status and Guidelines.