Weekday Evenings

“Meditating Demon” by Jan Zaremba

Evening practice periods include Zen liturgy, 25-minute periods of zazen, and brief periods of walking meditation, and may also include a Dharma talk, a discussion, or dokusan (individual meetings with a teacher).

You are invited to attend all or any portion of the activities–whatever works for your schedule and inclination. Newcomers are encouraged to arrange an orientation in advance of your first visit, using the emails below. For all sittings, you are free to leave at any time though leaving between meditation periods is best.

Tuesday Evening Practice, 7:00-9:00pm, zoom  and in-person. Led by Julie Nelson. Instructions Document.  To arrange an orientation (at 6:25 pm) please contact  [email protected]. Individual meetings are offered on 1st, and 5th Tuesdays; discussion on 2nd Tuesdays, and a Dharma talk on 4th Tuesdays. On 3rd Tuesdays, we sit zazen for two periods. 

Thursday evening practice 7:00-8:30pm, zoom and in-person. Led by Jeff Seul and Fran Ludwig. Instructions Document. To arrange an orientation please contact [email protected]. Individual meetings are offered on 1st, 3rd, and 5th Thursdays; Dharma talks on 2nd Thursdays, and two periods of silent zazen along with an extended liturgy service on 4th Thursdays. 

Suggested donation:
GBZC members: free
Non-members: $10.
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