Individual Meetings

Individual face-to-face meetings with an authorized teacher teaching are part of the Zen tradition. These private meetings are called dokusan (pronounced “doke-san”).  Because of past abuses within our sangha, we are not currently offering dokusan during our weekly practice periods.

Please feel free to ask Practice Leaders and others at GBZC questions (e.g., about liturgy, retreats, forms such as sitting and walking practice, or living Zen outside the zendo).

Dokusan with a GBZC member who is an authorized teacher  may be offered at sesshin and other events, and over zoom by private arrangement. One may bring the sorts of questions mentioned above, seek more individualized practice instruction, and/or work with the teacher on koans. Please read More about Dokusan.  If interested, email [email protected].

You may have also heard about the ceremony of shoken. This is the act of becoming a formal student of a fully transmitted Zen teacher. Whether, when and with whom to do this is a very personal decision. Shoken is not a requirement for participation in any aspect of our GBZC community life.