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June 11: Summer Breaks, Sesshin, and More!

May 28: Sangha Companions, and More!

May 14: Membership, Zen in Everyday Life, and More!

April 30: Book Group, Precepts, Aspects, and More!

April 16: Precepts, Aspects of Zen, and More!

April 2: Sangha Companions, Corrected Link, and More!

March 19: New “Intro to Zen” and More!

March 5: “History of Zen” and More!

February 20: New Class Series and More!

February 6: Board Notes and More!

January 23: Retreat Interests and More!

January 9: Sesshin Photo and More!


December 12: A Holiday Message

November 28: Update from the President, New Sit, Rentals and More!

November 14: Board meeting, Sesshin Reminder, and More!

October 31: Programming Update, Sesshin Reminder, and More!

October 17: December Sesshin Registration Now Open!

October 3: Reminders: Discussions, Precepts series, and more!

September 19: Precepts Discussion, Call for Volunteers, and more!

September 5: Fall Planning and more!

August 23: Dharma Transmission and more!

August 9: New Board, Annual Meeting Minutes, and more!

July 20: Annual Meeting, Tea and Sit, and more!

June 6: Last Call for June Sesshin, Free Yoga, and more!

May 25: June Sesshin, Summer Book Group, and more!

May 9: Sesshin Registration, Changes to COVID Policy, and more!

April 25: CHANGED Sesshin Dates, Sitting Cushions, and more!

April 12: GBZC Chat Group, Housing Justice, and more!

March 28: Zazenkai, Membership Drive, and more!

March 14: Precepts Discussion Group, Sitting Cushions, and more!

February 28: April Sesshin, Precepts, and more!

February 14: Zazenkai, April Sesshin, and more!

January 31: Ice Skating with the Sangha, Movie Night, and more!

January 17: GBZC Discussions, Housing Justice, and more!

January 10: GBZC Behind the Scenes, Bodhi Bear, and more!


December 20: Holiday Schedule, Board Minutes, and more!

December 6: Format Changes, Sesshin, and more!

November 22: New Community Working Group, Seeking Volunteers, and more!

November 8: Storytelling Panel, Social Justice Event, and more!

October 25: Sesshin Registration, Zendo Location Survey, and more!

October 11: New Sitting Group, Visiting Teacher, and more!

September 27: December Sesshin, Society of Great Doubt, and More!

September 13: Caring for Our Community, Upcoming Talk, and more!

Aug. 30: Zendo Location Task Force, New Precepts Cycle, and more!

Aug. 9: Caring for Our Community, New Precepts Cycle, & more!

Jul. 26: Board meeting, Zendo Sign, & more!

Jul. 12: Board Election Results, Covenant Ritual, & more!

Jun. 28: New Sitting Group, Annual Meeting, & more!

Jun. 14: Resilient Sangha, Precepts Ceremony, & more!

May. 31: Sesshin Registration, Half-Day Pride Sit, Ethics Event, & more!

May 17: Membership Campaign, Precepts, & More!

May. 3: Board Meeting, Welcoming All in Their Practice, & More!

Apr. 19: Zazenkai Plus, Annual Meeting, & more!

Apr. 6: New Teacher, Sangha Survey, & more!

Mar. 22: In Memoriam: Rick Hardy

Mar. 8: Virtual Game Night, New Members, & more!

Feb. 22: Special Meeting, Rakusu Update, & more!

Feb. 8: New Assistant Teacher, Note from the Treasurer, & more!

Jan. 25: Remembering Thich Nhat Hanh, GBIO Updates, and more!

Jan. 11: Precepts, New GBZC Teacher, & More!


Dec. 28: Wall of Gratitude, New Precepts Cycle, and more!

Dec. 14: Ox Herding Pictures, Holiday Schedule, & more!

Nov. 30: Jukai, Instrument Training, & more!

Nov. 16: Deadline Approaching, Governance, & more!

Nov. 2: Tea, Sesshin, Zazenkai, & more!

Oct. 19: Upcoming Zazenkai & Sesshin, Engaged Programming, & more!

Oct. 5: Guest Teachers, December Sesshin, &more!

Sept. 21: New Ethics Ombudsperson, Precepts Classes, & more!

Sept. 7: Zazenkai Registration, Visioning Meeting, & more!

August 24: Message from Steve and Laura, Ethics Video Available, & more!

July 27: Cambridge Re-Opening, Ethics Trainings, and more!

July 13: Reopening of Zendos, Precepts Discussion Group, & more!

June 29: Annual Meeting Report, Survey, & more!

June 15: Annual Meeting, POC Sitting Group, and more!

June 1: Upcoming Board Meeting, Bike Poem, and more!

May 18: (Another) New Transmitted Teacher, Board Meeting, and more!

May 4: Student Stories of Zen, New Transmitted Teacher, and more!

April 20: Watering the Seeds, Buddhism and Race, and more!

April 6: Annual Meeting Date, Update on GBZC Social Lunches, and more!

March 23: Statement on Anti-Asian Violence, GBIO Listening Circles, and more!

March 9: GBIO Invitation, Buddhism and Race Conference, and more!

February 23: Social Lunch, Treasurer’s Note, and more!

February 9: New Teacher, Annual Membership, and more!

January 26: Response to Capitol Attack, Art as Spiritual Practice, and more!

January 12: POC Update, Treasurer’s Note, New Artwork


December 29: Precepts Classes, Turning Toward…

December 15: Important Zoom Info, Turning Toward, and Taking Refuge

December 1: Virtual Zazenkai, Interfaith Impact for Social Justice…

November 17: Annual Appeal, Precepts Class, Call for Submissions…

November 3: An Election Statement from the SDC, Zazenkai…

October 19: Poem After Morning Zazen, New Webmaster…

October 6: Sangha Survey Responses, EcoDharma…

September 22: Activism, Chaplaincy…

September 8: GBZC Podcast…

August 25: Dogen Study Group, Stories of the Lotus Sutra…

August 11: Obon Ceremony, Journal Launch Party, Indra’s Net…

July 29: Creative Arts Journal RELEASE, Eco-Anxiety…

July 14: Participate in a New Sangha Survey…

June 30: Eco-Anxiety, Meeting with Legislators…

May 27: Covid-19 Restrictions, Pride, Poetry…

May 8: A New Priest, A New Creative Journal…

April 21: GBZC Bi-Weekly Newsletter