Precepts Discussion Group

This discussion group usually runs in 12-week cycles, meeting once per week via zoom. The last cycle finished in November 2022; the next cycle will likely start in March or April 2023. Watch the GBZC Newsletter (subscribe here) for announcements. 

The Precepts of Skillful Action are the heart of what it means to practice Zen off the cushion—and their study is an endlessly rich, ever-unfolding practice.

This study is open to all, whether you are just curious or intending to participate in Jukai (the formal ceremony of receiving the Precepts) or perhaps feeling the need to revisit these descriptions of an awakened life as a source of inspiration and solace. It is always an honor to share Precepts study together.

It is fine to miss class due to other commitments. Classes can be made up in the next cycle.

The next Jukai ceremony will likely to take place in March 2023. Those who are interested in sewing a rakusu may be able to purchase a rakusu sewing kit and receive sewing instructions. Rakusus must be black and hand-sewn unless physical limitations make that difficult for you. More information is available in Preparing for Jukai.

Email [email protected] for more information.