art as spiritual practice

Arts as Spiritual Practice Group



The Arts as Spiritual Practice group evolved from Writing as Spiritual Practice to reflect the many variegated gifts of its participants. This open group meets twice a month to create a community of loving support for participants’ creative endeavors and to help one another see inherent links to spiritual practice. This is an especially good space for those interested in or engaged in art but who do not necessarily see themselves as “artists.”

We cultivate this community through creative practices of reading and listening (often a close reading from our sutra book), guided prompts and exercises, and space to come forth and share work of any form. We meet one another’s work with attentive, encouraging, and, we hope, inspiring feedback, letting the act of response become an art in itself. All are welcome to join and participate at any level that feels comfortable, either to share work or to listen and marinate in the work of others.

This group is co-facilitated by GBZC members Rebecca Doverspike and Sarah Fleming, who aspire to hold a shared space where all voices know themselves as vibrant and vital.

We have also launched a seasonal creative arts journal, Radiant to the Heart: A Journal of Zen Arts. We invite you to read it—or submit to it!—here. To accompany the release of each new volume, we hold a journal launch for those both in and beyond our community. The theme of the second volume of Radiant to the Heart is art as refuge during turbulent times. Stay tuned!

Location: Currently being conducted via Zoom. Instructions and guidelines here.

When:  Monthly from 7-9pm on the last Thursday of the month.

Who: All are welcome for any of the meetings.

Questions/Comments: Please contact Rebecca Doverspike and Sarah Fleming at [email protected].