Writing as Spiritual Practice Group

The Writing as Spiritual Practice group gathers to share (and maybe inspire further) creative works with one another and to collaborate in conversation about how those works relate to spiritual practices as a whole. Often, we cannot see alone what we are doing, or could do, with a particular creative piece and readers can help by sharing what they see in it. We  also spend time doing spiritual reading practices and free-writing together.

You are welcome to bring other author’s creative works that relate to spiritual practice for you to share with the group instead of, or in addition to, your own. Work in any language is welcome, as are translations (either of your own work or another’s). Also, if you simply want to listen in to gauge interest, you are welcome to do so.

The Writing as Spiritual Practice group has also launched a seasonal creative arts journal, Radiant to the Heart: A Journal of Zen Arts.  We invite you to read it—or submit to it!—here.  Quarterly, we hold an interfaith open mic night for anyone interested both in and beyond our community.

Location: Currently being conducted via Zoom. Instructions here.

When: Once a month from 7-9pm on the last Thursday evening of the month unless otherwise noted.

Who: All are welcome for any of the meetings.

Questions/Comments: Please contact the group's facilitator, Rebecca Doverspike, at [email protected].