How to Join

Becoming a GBZC Member Takes Two Steps:

(1) Fill out a membership application form either online or downloading and submitting this printable form. This asks for your contact information and pledge amount. The amount of your pledge is up to you. GBZC values the intention behind your gift and is grateful for your pledge in any amount--there is no minimum. However, If you would like a guideline, GBZC relies on an average of $50/month from each member in order to meet its current operating expenses. If you have the capacity to make a larger pledge, we encourage you to be as generous as possible as your monthly gift of  $100, or $150 or more can make it possible for GBZC to continue to serve everyone, without regard to financial circumstances.

(2) Arrange to fulfill your monthly or annual pledge of financial support.  You may use the button below or consult the Donate page for other options. Whatever payment form you use, please make sure that your transfer of funds is accompanied by a memo stating "monthly membership pledge" or "annual membership pledge." If this is not possible, please directly notify the treasurer ([email protected]) of the purpose of your gift. 

Your donations to GBZC are tax deductible.

Please indicate "monthly membership pledge" or "annual membership pledge" when you confirm your payment amount.


 Membership is renewed annually in May.

Once your application is approved by the board, and your first payment is received, we will send you a letter confirming your membership. Welcome!

If you have any questions, please contact the Board Clerk at [email protected]