All-day Sit (Zazenkai)


"Every Day Is A Good Day"

"We can't do it by ourselves, and no one else can do it for us."
GBZC Sutra Book

A powerful way to more deeply explore your practice is to attend a zazenkai, an all-day sit.  You are always welcome to attend for any portion of an all-day sit, as suits your schedule. The retreat includes liturgy, dokusan/interviews, zazen, walking meditation, a Dharma talk with discussion, and a period of meal/rest/study practice.


GBZC-Cambridge will be offering an all-day sits from 8am to 4pm, both in person and over zoom, and including the regular GBZC Saturday program (9:00am–12:00 pm),  on October 23. See the instructions document for more information and links for registration. Zazenkai will also be offered on November 13 and January 22 (with Jukai). 

Benevolent Zen will be offering zazenkai, masked and distanced but in person at First Unitarian Church of Providence on December 18th, Covid situation permitting.  Details will follow to everyone signed up for Benevolent Zen emails.

 If you have any questions, email [email protected].

Suggested donation: (But do not let money concerns keep you away!)
All day - GBZC members: $25 / non-members: $40
Half day - GBZC members: $12 / non-members: $20
Please put "zazenkai" in the notes field if donating online.

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